Alumni Detail


Sr.No.NameYear of degreeDepartment NameMobile NumberEmail IDCurrent StatusImagePayment Mode
1 Saniya Mall 2015Department of Economics7380622510mallsaniya5@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
2 ALOK KUMAR SINGH 2013Department of English9721506607aloksinghgic@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
3 RAM ACHAL YADAV 2008Department of Working Go To Payment
4 AMAN KUMARI 2014Department of Political Science6387624824amankm794@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
5 POOJA GUPTA 2009Department of Home Science9532084212mesweetpooja91@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
6 Shraddha Pandey 2018Department of English9451421995shraddhapandey016@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
7 Dr Gyandhar Bharati 2019Department of Sanskrit9628599214drgyandhargkp@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
8 Adarsh Kumar Singh 2019NA7081566848adarshkumarsingh1503@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
9 AKASH VISHWAKARMA 2018Department of Computer Science7355243437akashvishwakarma751@google.comWorking Go To Payment
10 DR VIJAI KRISHNA OJHA 1984Department of Sanskrit9415712339vkojha0110@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
11 Satish Pathak 2015Department of Medieval History7309380342satishpathak3395@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
12 Ramdutt Tiwari 2010Department of Commerce9450822516ramdatttiwari119@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
13 Dr.Nivedita Pandey 2016Department of Sanskrit8299658976tdrnivedita@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
14 Nisha Singh 2006Department of Computer Science7752950366nishahanu21@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
15 Rachna Tiwari 2018Department of Computer Science9005791124rachnatiwarirt655@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
16 MD SHAHIL ANSARI 2015Department of Political Science9919564090shahilansarideoria@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
17 Shubham Srivastav 2018Department of Computer Science8840825344shubhamsrivastav08@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
18 Meraj Ansari 2020Department of Computer Science6393253867meraj9620@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
19 Harikesh mohan Yadav 2019Department of Computer Science7985920663harikeshyad2021@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
20 Prakhar Goel 2015Department of Computer Science7017439314prakhargoel21@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
21 Geetika Srivastava 2002Department of Electronics9935031752geetika_gkp@rediffmail.comWorking Go To Payment
22 parul Yadav 2007Department of Electronics9873483212parulmca.2008@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
23 RAHUL SHAH 2013Department of Political Science9454704000rahulpratapshah@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
24 ??????? ?????? ???? 2003Department of Education8299044850sudhapurnesh@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
25 Priyanka Tripathi 2006Department of Political Science6386264027pm6954323 @gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
26 Vivek Srivastava 2003Department of Electronics9886101030vks.vivek@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
27 Vijay laxmi Singh 2009 Department of Sanskrit9451525025vijaylaxmisingh859@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
28 suryabhan mishra 2008Department of Sanskrit7522075200mishrasuryabhan87@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
29 Dr Bindeshwar Mishra 2003Department of Sanskrit7355526454drbdmishra6@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
30 MANI CHANDRA GUPTA 2007Department of Education9260992356manichandragupta6@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
31 Vivek Nath Tiwari 2012Department of Sanskrit9919956070vivektiwari863@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
32 Dr.Samarendra Narayan Mishra 2005Department of Sanskrit9450670457drsnmishra75@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
33 Pratiksha Tiwari 2010Department of Biotechnology8096578001pratikshashukla810@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
34 Dr TANVI SINGH 2015Department of Sanskrit9140351517tanvisingh315@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
35 ASHUTOSH MISHRA 2020Department of Education9026089168ashutosh4043@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
36 Prof Lallan Yadav 1992Department of Physics9450253084nisaly06@rediffmail.comWorking Go To Payment
37 Dinesh Singh AdmeetedDepartment of Education7860800101rampurwadinesh1983@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
38 PRIYAMBADA TRIPATHI 2008Department of Home Science7518496354priyambda0000@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
39 Deepti Dayal 2002Department of English9868337438Deepti.dayal@rediffmail.comWorking Go To Payment
40 Mridula Ojha 2018Department of Political Science9140931708mridulaojha469@gmail.comHome Maker Go To Payment
41 SAURABH KUMAR 2009Department of Sanskrit8169669946SSRM109@GMAIL.COMWorking Go To Payment
42 Amit Singh 2005Department of Hindi9484122365amitjr@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
43 Wageesh Mishra 2009Department of Physics9565038755wageeshmishraashu@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
44 Raj Kumar Jaiswal 2003Department of Geography9140635931malikraj.tgt.sst@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
45 Dr Neelima Singh 2013Department of English9305753143neelimasinghoct02@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
46 Vishal Jaiswal 2006Department of Computer Science5717780676Jaiswalvishal@live.comWorking Go To Payment
47 Nivedita Budhalakoti 1977Department of Physics9458607035nbudhlakoti@gmail.comHome Maker Go To Payment
48 Gauri Pandey 2006Department of Sociology8840145425gauripandey25@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
49 Vinod Prasad 2014Department of Physics7985612915vinod.pdr83@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
50 Janhavi Srivastava 2018Department of Computer Science7007739421janhavisrivastav230897@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
51 Ishwar Chandra Jaiswal 2011Department of Education9919903870chandraishwar07@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
52 Ratan lal Jaiswal 2004Department of Physics9838852168ratanphysics83@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
53 Ashok Kumar Mishra 2002Department of Education9415694185ashokmishra8272@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
54 NAVEEN PRAKASH SINGH 2011Department of Computer Science8618361096NPSINGHMRJ@GMAIL.COMWorking Go To Payment
55 Rajneesh Mishra 2014Department of Economics552154968rmishra1509@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
56 ALOK KUMAR 2010Department of Law9415821584alok.kumar882223@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
57 WAKIL DHAR DUBEY 1996Department of Sanskrit9532476408WAKILDUBEY4@GMAIL.COMWorking Go To Payment
58 Dr. RISHIKESH VISHWAKARMA 2017Department of Education8858335185gkprishi11@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
59 Navneet Verma 2007Department of Physics587833034navneetchandraverma@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
60 Prof SHAILJA SINGH 1987Department of Go To Payment
61 SURENDRA MISHRA 1999Department of Physics9869367943mishrsurendra@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
62 Shama Khatoon 2016Department of Computer Science8881003184shamakhatoon143@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
63 Indrani Sanyal Sengupta 1999Department of Physics9820708198indranisanyal24@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
64 Abhinandan Kumar 2005Department of Physics6388687992abhinandanjul20@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
65 Brijesh Kumar Singh 2007Department of Physics7427892949brijeshsingh831@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
66 Pushp Lata 2019Department of Education7355337797Pushpamangal2712@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
67 MAYANK JAISWAR 2020Department of Physics8840257325mayankjay2018@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
68 Vivek Mani Tripathi 2011Department of Computer Science8687177070tripathivivekmani8@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
69 Sarvpal Singh 2013Department of Computer Go To Payment
70 Alok Chandra Gupta 1999Department of Working Go To Payment
71 Hari Shankar Tewari 1984Department of Physics9424140587tewari.hs@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
72 Swatantra Tiwari 2007Department of Physics6387357817sktiwari4bhu@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
73 Mihir Roychoudhury 1981Department of Physics9839398435mihir.royc@gmail.comBuisness Go To Payment
74 Priya Singh 2015Department of Education9453439584Priyasinghrajputm.ed@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
75 Dr.Darshana Srivastav 2006Department of Political Science8076957180darshanasrivastava22@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
76 Aditya Vaishya 2005Department of Physics9497402644indyaaditya@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
77 Dr Aravind Kumar Mishra 2000Department of Sociology8601138253aravindmishra4443@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
78 Dr. Prabhunath Prasad 2014Department of Physics9473833720prabhunathp@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
79 GOLU TIWARI 2017Department of Political Science7706830536tgolu8120@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
80 Santosh Kumar Kharwar Santosh Kumar Kharwar 2018Department of Political Science7268875957santoshkhar710@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
81 PUSHPAK KUMAR YADAV 2013Department of Physics7395082810nikkuyadav2110@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
82 Dr.Madhu Madhu 2016Department of Psychology 7985502036madhudd 1981@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
83 RUCHITA MAHAPATRA 2019Department of English7897783128ruchimahapatra.s@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
84 Dr MEETU SINGH 2009Department of Education9628701000meetusinghddu@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
85 Km Mamita Kumari 2010Department of Political Science7081297272Mamita Km96@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
86 GULAB CHAND SAHANI 2005Department of Physics9935319497gchand9935@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
87 SUSIL KUMAR KANDU 2019Department of Physics9721915152sushilgupta33288@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
88 SANJEEB PRASAD 2016Department of Physics9696582892SANJEEV.PRASADSP@GMAIL.COMBuisness Go To Payment
89 Dr.Shraddhesh Kumar Tiwari 2019Department of Psychology 9838027133sktiwari057@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
90 Kusum Lata Maurya 2013Department of Political Science7618903322dkmrya@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
91 Sanjay Mishra 1996Department of Political Science9140684608mishragkp1972@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
92 Prof.(Dr.) Ahmad Naseem 2011Department of Working Go To Payment
93 Satyapal Yadav 2019Department of Political Science8576035931satyapalyadavrkl@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
94 Shalinee Srivastava 2002Department of Political Studying Go To Payment
95 RICHA CHAUDHARY 2019Department of Psychology 9170746010richa,extreme0@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
96 Nidhi Madheshiya 2013Department of Psychology 8957347053nidhimadheshiya788@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
97 Umesh Bhaskar 2003Department of Political Science9935506368umeshbhaskar10@gmail.comWorking Go To Payment
98 Nabila Shamayil 2013Department of Biotechnology8318835582angelnabila@gmail.comStudying Go To Payment
99 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Rai 2011Department of Working Go To Payment
100 VIJAY LAXMI GUPTA 2017Department of Defence and Strategic8896376438vijaylaxmimrj10@gmai.comStudying Go To Payment